Zulu Love Letters

These beaded pins were made just for us by talented artisans living KwaZulu-Natal.  I requested the alphabet motif and Zodwa mastered the new pattern and filled my order in a matter of days.

In Zulu culture it is not common to say out loud that you care about someone and love him or her…
It’s an old tradition that goes far back in which you put your message in beads!
Each colour bead has it’s own meaning:

  • red: physical love, strong emotion
  • white: spiritual love, purity
  • pink: promise, motherlove
  • green: being blessed, harmony
  • yellow: prosperity, wealth, fertility
  • blue: loyalty, friendship
  • black: re-unite, regeneration

The Love Letters measure 5cm in height (6cm including pin) and are 4cm wide.

These hand-beaded pins can be worn as a brooch.

They make great inexpensive gifts ($15) and are so cool on a backpack, tote, or jacket.