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Chakra Crystal Set

Chakra Crystal Set


Use the spray and crystals in this Chakra kit to help balance your chakras. 

In order for energy to flow smoothly through the body the 7 main chakras need to be balanced. Use the spray and crystals in this kit to help balance your chakras. Made of 100% all natural essential oils this sprays is ideal for personal spaces. 

The Kit Contains
— Chakra Spray (2 oz / 60 ml)
— Amethyst Crystal for Crown Chakra / personal destiny
— Lapis Lazuli Crystal for Third Eye Chakra / intuition, wisdom
— Sodalite Crystal for Throat Chakra / communication, self-truth
— Aventurine Crystal for Heart Chakra / compassion, unconditional love
— Citrine Crystal for Solar Plexus Chakra / personal power, relationships
— Carnelian Crystal for Sacral Chakra / creativity, sensuality
— Red Jasper Crystal for Root Chakra / grounding, security

    Chakra Spray Ingredients
    — distilled water
    — grain alcohol
    — frankincense essential oil
    — lavender essential oil
    — eucalyptus essential oil
    — rose essential oil
    — cinnamon essential oil
    — sandalwood essential oil
    — patchouli essential oil

    Additional details
    — Handmade in Brooklyn