Colorful Parade Painting with Marbles Kit by Djeco - Wanderlustre
Colorful Parade Painting with Marbles Kit by Djeco - Wanderlustre


Colorful Parade Painting with Marbles Kit by Djeco

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Drop a paper silhouette into the plastic box with three marbles. Add paint to each marble and close and lid. Shake, shake, shake! Stick your silhouette to the matching backdrop card for a finished work of art! 

Additional Details:

  • Ages 3-6
  • Includes 24 silhouette cut outs, 4 washable paints, 8 picture cards, 3 marbles, 1 plastic box for shaking, 12 blank cards, 1 sheet double-sided foam stickers, and instructions

About the Designer:

Founded in 1954, Djeco has grown from a small family business to an internationally acclaimed brand known for their quality games, toys, and activity kits. Djeco products are revolutionizing the toy box with exceptional creativity, unmatched artistry and engaging play value. With a philosophy of creativity, boldness and passion, Djeco products are recognized as being as beautiful as they are entertaining. Djeco believes that play is essential to a child’s intellectual growth; awakening curiosity, enriching boundless imagination and celebrating their inner brilliance.

Djeco teams with hundreds of internationally renowned artists who share the company's vision of promoting artistic discovery and freedom of imagination through play. Engaging illustrations draw the child in, exceptional play enthralls, and the experience enhances a sense of wonder and delight. Each product is made from the highest quality materials with exacting and meticulous attention to detail, play value, and artistry.