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Pom Pom Easter Chicks

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These pom pom chicks are dressed to impress. These too-cute miniature chicks are perfect for play or for decoration. Please note that if you order six chicks, you will receive one of each design; otherwise, you'll receive a randomly selected design.

About the Brand:

Two's Company is a classic American success story. The business traces its origins back to 1969, when Bob and Bobbie Gottlieb founded the company in their home, and which lives on over forty years later, now with a footprint that spans the globe.

The company’s aspirations are supported by a solid vision and a relentless passion for great style and creativity in everything that they do. Product is what drives their vision. There's nothing like entering a shop and discovering an accessory, gift or piece of jewelry that one just must have! The talented product development team at Two's Company is committed to the design of new, exciting and stylish products, creating collections that are clearly of their time and which provide the best value for clients.