Roland Pine Fragrance Oil - Wanderlustre
Roland Pine Fragrance Oil - Wanderlustre
Roland Pine Fragrance Oil - Wanderlustre

Soap & Paper Factory

Roland Pine Fragrance Oil

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Great for plug-in aroma diffusers! Roland Pine will infuse your world with the fresh, crisp notes of Siberian Fir, pine and cilantro. This oil is the ultimate fragrance. This oil is for plug in diffusers, humidifiers, lamp rings and wax warmers only, or you can use a drop or two in a hot bath to instantly de-stress tired muscles and busy minds.

Additional Details:

  • Scent: Siberian Fir, pine, and cilantro
  • For plug in diffusers, humidifiers, lamp rings, and wax warmers only (not for reed diffuser)
  • Essential oil and phthalate-free fragrance oil (parfum)
  • Made in NY
  • Vegan, not tested on animals

About the Designer:

Soap & Paper Factory has been an epic, grassroots journey of two women in a small river town outside of New York City. They started in 2001 with the love of soap-making (in the kitchen) and selling at a local farmers market. But, like now, once people tried their stuff, they were addicted! 

Soap & Paper Factory have the luxury of formulating all of their own products from hand creams to fragrances and candles, giving them the ability to use the best oils and butters, wax and raw materials so you get the best. You will really notice the difference. Everything is USA made, mostly here in the tristate area, and they never use parabens, phthalates or petrochemicals, nor do they test on animals.