Short Brass Cone Earrings - Black - Wanderlustre

Kapoeta by Ambica

Short Brass Cone Earrings - Black

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This simple, elegant pair of earrings is designed with brass handmade by a Kenyan artist and combined with Cockerel feathers.

Additional Details:

  • All materials ethically sourced and produced
  • Brass Cone, Black Cockerel
  • Earring hooks 92.5% silver
  • Length 3"

About the Designer:

Kapoeta by Ambica is a luxury collection of handmade feather jewelry and accessories where each unique feather piece beautifully combines edgy, extravagant and elegant. Founded in 2016 as an African eco-fashion brand, Ambica supports ethical and sustainable sourcing, production and design.

Ambica works closely with the fly-tying community in Kenya where she collects the off cuts and recycles the feathers into her creations. All materials are ethically sourced from local entrepreneurs and individuals with the aim of empowering and supporting the local community and environment.