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Flamingo Evolution

We are fortunate to carry Evolution Product's Flamingo Wall hanging. Over 6 feet of gorgeous textured linen is printed with this striking motif.  It has been featured on the cover of Elle Decoration South Africa, as well as VISI and Business Day's Wanted.     Side note, VISI is one of my favorite South African design magazines.  If you can't find it locally, check out their website for some inspiring design. We only have one piece in stock, so whoever snatches it up will be lucky indeed...if I can manage to let it go....

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Zulu Love Letters

These beaded pins were made just for us by talented artisans living KwaZulu-Natal.  I requested the alphabet motif and Zodwa mastered the new pattern and filled my order in a matter of days. In Zulu culture it is not common to say out loud that you care about someone and love him or her…It’s an old tradition that goes far back in which you put your message in beads!Each colour bead has it’s own meaning: red: physical love, strong emotion white: spiritual love, purity pink: promise, motherlove green: being blessed, harmony yellow: prosperity, wealth, fertility blue: loyalty, friendship black: re-unite, regeneration The Love Letters measure 5cm in height (6cm including pin) and are 4cm wide. These hand-beaded pins can be worn...

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Adventures in Wallpapering

Here at Wanderlustre, we have a deep love of wallpaper and all things animal themed, specifically birds, and more specifically, flamingos. I have been wanting to try my hand at wallpaper since it came back in style ages ago.  As a renter it wasn't an option. And as soon as we purchased our new home in Brooklyn, we moved straight to Africa for 18 months. So finally we are back in Brooklyn and we went at my daughter's room soon after moving in. We wanted to girl-it-up a bit for her and satisfy my deep need for a bold animal-themed print on the wall at the same time. We were thrilled with the results and it was not nearly as hard...

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