Cedar Wood Candle - Wanderlustre
Cedar Wood Candle - Wanderlustre


Cedar Wood Candle

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Cedar Wood Oil is thought to be one of the first essential oils extracted from nature. Its warm, calming aromas help reduce stress, improve focus, and create a sense of grounded relaxation. No wonder its oil is a symbol of protection, wisdom, and abundance! Locally hand-poured in Upstate New York, this incredibly soothing candle features a GMO-free soy wax base and sturdy cotton wick.

Enjoy 80 hours of a clean and beautiful burn. Added bonus: its oil is a natural insect repellent! Recycle the glass when you're done enjoying the candle, and use it to plant a succulent or to mix your favorite cocktail in!

Additional Details:

  • Locally hand-poured in Upstate New York
  • GMO-free soy wax base and study cotton wick
  • 80 hour burn time
  • 10 oz.

About the Designer:

A family business of over 30 years that began out of a little New England farmhouse. KALASTYLE continues to grow, but stays true to its roots. Simple, high-quality products, bold packaging, and the same message since day one: BUY GOOD SOAP.