Circuit Board Money Clip - Wanderlustre
Circuit Board Money Clip - Wanderlustre

Circuit Breaker Labs

Circuit Board Money Clip

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Recycled circuit board from a broken computer was used to create this geek-chic money holder.

Additional Details:

  • Nickel money clip with recycled circuit board set under resin
  • Clip is 1-inch wide
  • Circuit board element measures 0.8 in.

About the Designer:

Scientist-turned-artist Amanda Preske is on a mission to bridge the gap between science and art while encouraging responsible recycling. With her business, Circuit Breaker Labs, she transforms electronic waste into wearable art and gift products in her Washington, D.C. studio. These boards were discarded and unwanted, but when paired with Amanda’s expertise and critical eye, they become beautiful futuristic worlds captured under resin.