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Fornasetti Bacio Scented Candle

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A Fornasetti candle is not just a candle, but a decorative object and collectible masterpiece. Once the candle is finished, you are left with a beautiful decorative object to enjoy. Vessels can be used to store toiletries in powder room, for floral arrangements, for teabags for tea service, and more.


Bacio is one of the most famous images by Fornasetti. The face is that of opera singer Lina Cavalieri, the artist's muse featured in more than 350 of his designs.

The "Otto" (Eight) scent is a sophisticated and unique scent that transcends time, season, gender, and borders. It includes ingredients that were of personal significance to the artist: Mediterranean herbs that were found in and around the family home, woods often utilized in interior designs or pieces of furniture created by Fornasetti. Other more ethereal ingredients, such as incense, conjure a latent spirituality or sense of dreamscape that is often present in Fornasetti graphic poetry.

Additional Details:

  • Top notes: thyme, lavender
  • Mid notes: oris, cedarwood
  • Base notes: tolu balsam, incense, birch/styrax, lebdanum
  • 10.5 oz. candle
  • 60 hour burn time
  • Ceramic vessel hand crafted by Ceramiche Dal Pra and stamped underneath with the Fornasetti seal

About the Designer:

Piero Fornasetti was a Milanese painter, sculptor, interior decorator, engraver of books and a creator of more than 11,000 products. In terms of decorative output, Fornasetti’s production of objects and furniture is one of the most prolific of the 20th century.

Fornasetti is celebrated as being one of the most original creative talents of the last century. During his long career he perfected his art and made use of a rich visual vocabulary that is instantly recognizable and constantly engages. Fornasetti designed a magical dream world, saturated in richness of imagery and filled with whimsical humor.

The Fornasetti Atelier in Milan is an outpost of careful and accomplished craft production. Here skilled craftsmen and women use the same rigorous hand crafted techniques that were deployed in the very first Fornasetti designs. Color is applied by hand and the original paper patterns are still meticulously followed. Maintaining the quality of this craftsmanship is an important aspect of the Fornasetti legacy.