Pink Lipstick Ornament


Pink Lipstick Ornament

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Vondels' Christmas ornaments are made from glass, mouth blown, hand painted and decorated with greatest care. Every piece is unique!

Additional Details:

  • Hand-painted glass ornament
  • Ornament is 4.3 in. tall

About the Designer:

It was a combined love of Christmas, design, fun and fashion that led to the creation of Vondels. Founded in 2015 in Amsterdam by Yan Xu and Loesje Donner-Raedts, Vondels produces unique Christmas decorations that will add some serious sparkle to your festive season. Their high-quality glass ornaments combine traditional and contemporary designs that are trendy, chic, and cute. 

The technique they use to make a glass Christmas ornaments is the same that was used for the first Christmas bauble in the early 19th century. The glass blower heats the glass of the Christmas bauble to blow it to the desired size. For ornaments with a different shape, a mold is used to get the glass in the desired shape. After the ornament has been blown into glass, it is then filled with silver paint, giving it a nice shiny mirror layer. Then, the decoration on the outside can be applied. The ornament is dipped in paint and colorful decorations are applied to the ornament. All decoration is applied by hand, a very precise process using skilled painters. The last step is to remove the blow nozzle with a special technique and the Vondels crown is placed!