Rinse Beard Oil (Skin & Whisker Elixer)

Rinse Bath Body Inc.

Rinse Beard Oil (Skin & Whisker Elixer)

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Argan Oil, Squalane Oil (derived from the olive), Grapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil team up to moisturize, provide a natural (non-greasy) sheen and tame the whiskers while helping to keep the skin below supple and healthy. While those oils do the "heavy lifting," a light blend of Cedarwood, Rosemary, Lemon and Lime Essential Oils not only create a clean beard-friendly smell that's not overpowering, but they are also known for their many properties including being astringent, antioxidant, anti fungal and cleansing.

Having an especially dry and itchy under-beard? Apply a generous amount of Beard Oil at night and sleep on it. You can use it as a facial moisturizer, too!

Additional Details:
  • 100% naturally derived ingredients; vegan friendly
  • 1 fl oz

    About the Brand:

    Founded in 2003, Rinse is a natural and handmade bath and body company in Monroe, GA. They make their 93-100% natural products using the finest and most ethically sourced ingredients. Their products were created to be cute enough to gift - but not so cute that you wouldn't open it to use, so good and effective that you would want to use them every day, and priced right, so you wouldn't feel guilty doing so.