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Rosy Rings

Rosy Rings Beach Daisy Round Botanical Candle

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From shells to fruit to assorted fauna, you'll find them all inside Rosy Rings' 1 wick round botanical candles. A fragranced wax core is wrapped in a flame retardant barrier and then placed in a larger mold. A skilled artisan then carefully places the natural items around the core, and hand pours a proprietary blend of wax into the mold. Each botanical work of art takes 2 days to produce. The botanicals are beautifully illuminated when the candle is lit.

Additional Details:

  • Scent: An opening of sunny citrus, a beautiful aquatic floral accord and a cascade of sweet, smooth vanilla.
  • Burn time: 120 hours
  • 5.5 x 4.5 in.
  • Handmade in Denver, CO

About the Designer:

Rosy Rings Candles are hand-poured with a proprietary wax blend and a generous percentage of essential and high quality fragrances into recycled glass vessels and packaged in Rosy Ring's signature craft packaging.