White Sage Smudge Stick with Yellow Flowers
White Sage Smudge Stick with Yellow Flowers

Picki Nicki

White Sage Smudge Stick with Yellow Flowers

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White sage (Salvia Apiana) smudge sticks with dried yellow sinuata flowers help purify your space and bring calm and blessings to your life. Each sage smudge stick is hand-picked, dried, and carefully tied using only the highest quality California white sage, and the yellow flowers add a vibrant pop of color. This white sage is grown on a small farm in Southern California and is sustainably harvested. Each sage stick will also come with a beautiful cleansing guideline card that explains how to light and use the smudge. 

Additional Details:

  • Each sage stick measures 4.25 to 4.5 inches in length and is 1.5 inches wide
  • Sustainably harvested white sage from Southern California

About the Brand:

Picki Nicki is a mom of two from San Diego, California. She started her business as a creative outlet to design products that help moms find time for themselves and bring joy to their homes. Keeping spaces clean and healthy is essential during this time, and spiritual practices such as smudging can aid in mental health and well being. Picki Nicki products promote self-care and positive energy away from the daily grind of work and routines. Their products are sustainably harvested, hand-tied, and thoughtfully packaged with lots of love and good vibes to ensure that you’re getting everything you need to experience this unique ritual.